San Bernardino Desperate
for New Top Cop

Ed O'Brien for District Attorney of San Bernardino County

On March 9th, 2017 I declared my candidacy to be the next District Attorney for San Bernardino County. We got an early start for the 2018 election because there is lots of work to do and as a grassroots movement we have no money.

As a 1997 graduate of UCLA School of Law, I immediately began my dream job as a prosecutor in San Bernardino County. Disheartened by the culture, I switched to the defense side and became a public defender in 2000. I have enjoyed my work ever since but it’s often painful to witness the failed, destructive policy of mass incarceration for the nonviolent offender. I am fed up with going to the jail only to meet another young woman or man with addiction and/or mental illness who loitered, stole, or burglarized out of delusional behavior or hunger. Most cops will tell you, this is what they spend a great majority of their time with; imagine if they could dedicate it to serious crime!  

Our County suffers with serious social/economic crime factors. Before citing data, let me be absolutely clear, violent offenders will be locked up for long prison terms. We all want safe neighborhoods. The horrific rate of violence in our county and the weakening social fabric proves the incumbent and dogmatic policies failed this community. From 2015 Community Indicators Report:

  • 60% of our Third grade students do not meet literacy standards;
  • 12.2% of our students drop out before graduating;
  • 20% of our adult residents lack basic literacy skills
  • 8,648 children cannot attend licensed child care programs;
  • $9,463 is the annual cost for appropriate childcare;
  • $22,316 is the non-veteran per capita income;
  • 401,149 persons receive public assistance total pop of 2,091,618;
  • 20% of our population lives in poverty;
  • 69.5% of students are eligible for free/reduced lunch;
  • 78 hours/week is needed for a min wage earner to afford rent (1 b/r);
  • 34,000 kids a night are in insecure housing or sleep on the street;
  •  “Most new crimes [in SB County] are drug or alcohol related” CaFwd.Org;
  • San Bernardino City murder rate rivals Chicago, and many are unsolved (LA Times Sep. 9, 2016)

Indeed, our County has robust systems attacking these issues. The Board and leadership promote collaboration and focus on the wellbeing of its residents which is implemented in many ways by a remarkably competent Department of Behavioral Health. And, our Sheriff’s Department in spite of great challenges constantly works to improve and stands as a model of government leadership. What is missing is an engaged and collaborative Top Cop. This will change in 2018 when I am the new District Attorney.

I will move beyond the “tough on crime” dogma.  There will be steadfast commitment to addressing the criminogenic factors. Our professional police officers, teachers, social workers/mental health counselors, pastors and community/business leaders will be our army of crime fighters.  When your roof leaks you can address it with a bucket, or you can do the hard and costly work of attacking the root cause before utter collapse.

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